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Unsur Intrinsik Prosa (PI 17 AB)
American Culture & Society
An Introduction to English Literature
English for Business 2 (TK 17 A)
British Culture and Society
British History and Literature
Conversation Listening
English for Business 1 (MNJ 18 A2)
English for Business 1 (MNJ 18 F1)
Lab Work IV
Menyimak Kritis (SS 17 A)
Menyimak Kritis (SS 17 B)
Pengantar Pengkajian SastraInformation
Pengantar Sejarah InggrisInformation
Prose Analysis II
Prose Extrinsic Elements
Sejarah & Kesusastraan Inggris
Telaah Prosa IInformation
Unsur Intrinsik Prosa (SS 17 A)
Unsur Intrinsik Prosa (SS 17 B)