SCeLE Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia: Courses

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Civic Education
American Culture & Society
An Introduction to Basic Philosophy & Research Methodology
An Introduction to British History
An Introduction to Culture Research
An Introduction to English Literature
An Introduction to General Linguistics (PLU)
An Introduction to Literary Study
Bahasa Indonesia 1
Bahasa Indonesia II
British Culture & Society
Business Management
Computer Application I
Computer Application II
Descriptive Statistics
Drama Analysis I
Drama Analysis II
English Discourse Analysis
English Morphology
English Phonology
English Pragmatics
English Psycholinguistics
English Sociolinguistics
English Syntax
Film Interpretation
History of Modern Thought
Indonesian Culture & Society (MKI)
Japanese I
Japanese II
Listening 1
Listening II
Listening III
Listening IV
Literary Criticism
Method on Linguistic / Literature Research
Personality Development
Poetry Analysis I
Poetry Analysis II
Prose Analysis I
Prose Analysis II
Psychology of Education
Psychology of Literature
Reading Comprehension I
Reading Comprehension II
Reading Comprehension III
Reading Comprehension IV
Religion Education
Secretarial Practice
Seminar on Linguistics / Literature
Sociology of Literature
Speaking 1Information
Speaking II
Speaking III
Speaking IV
Speaking V
Speaking VI
Structure IInformation
Structure II
Structure III
Structure IV
Structure V
Teaching Material Design
Teaching Method & Classroom Management
Translation I
Translation II
Translation III
Writing Composition 1
Writing Composition IIThis course requires an enrolment key
Writing Composition III
Writing Composition IV
Writing Composition V