- Perancangan E-Bisnis

Filosofi-filosofi manajemen kontemporer yang berkaitan dengan production, selling and distributionbarang dan jasa melalui internet, worl-wide-web (www) dan media elektronik lainnya; perancangan sistem yang berbasis internet; masalah-masalah teknologi informasi yang berkaitan dengan internet, infrastruktur, tipologi dan struktur jaringan.

E-Business is dramatically the ways in ehich business organizations operate and compete in the global market. This course provides an overview of E-Business developments and the use of E-Business applications within the organizations. It will introduce the currently exist E-Business architecture and its main components. The course will also examine E-Business model, strategies and implementation issues. Learning in this course is accomplished through a combination of lectures, case analysis and discussion, group presentations, and research project


1. Pengantar e-Bisnis

2. Enterprise Resource Planning

3. Implementasi ERP

4. E-Commerce

5. Implementasi E-Commerce

6. Customer Relationshjp Management

7. Supply Chain Management

8. E-Bisnis Modelling